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Download Slideshow Creator Software:

It's very easy to work with PhotoStage - to sort the slides just drag and drop images. Download free latest slideshow software for your PC.
You can use Quick Creat to make a directory of photos as a slideshow

List of effects - 
(i) zoom,
(ii) crop,
(iii) fade
(iv) pan
(v) Ken
(vi) Burns
and many more to reshape images.

improve pictures - optimization tools are there for touch up/ improve your pics & videos.

versatile Presentation  - You can create presentations using different media like images, videos, audio and text .

Publish & Distribute - Copy your project to DVD, share as video or customise for the internet and smart phones/ tablets.

Stunning Photo Transitions and Effects

User can select transitions from huge collection and she can alter the time duration of the applied effect. For additional aspects user has panning and zoom features. Fade transitions are perfectly depict a impressive designs. User can also have real-time preview. All these are available in free version of this slideshow application.

You can have a comprehensive image optimization by using following features.
1- Rearry saturation, color and brightness.
2- Image flip, rotate and crop according to need.
3- Any image slide can be filled with animated or simple text headings, captions and titles .

In this free slideshow software user can augment marvelous sounds by adding audio tracks into projects. Sound effects like fading and looping are available as well as amplification, echo, reverb and etc.Live voice recording or pre-recorded sounds an be added easily.

Slideshow Design and development Application