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Windows 10 with Microsoft's Office

Download Windows 10:

Microsoft's Operating system Windows 10 Pro is fresh launch by company which has latest updates. You can download free Windows 10 for your PC.

As an OS Windows 10 is most famous due to its consistency and stability, it's just due to enhanced and full of features releases. The front end is very attractive and user friendly functionality with totally a fresh view & apparently resemblance with Microsoft Windows 7 but having a lot of changes improve the effectiveness of this Operating System. 

Moreover, this is a low load OS & give greater benefits. This OS is top ranking product for professional users. Windows 10 has many bug fixes and other patches to build it as popular one.

The real interesting matter for you is the package has another Microsoft product which is Office 2016, so you do not need to install office separately on your operating system. This package also has Microsoft windows Defender up-dates.

Further more, package contains support for smartphones. This is a comprehensive package which good for workstations as well as personal computers.

You must know about the system prerequisites before installation of Windows 10 Pro RS2 15063 x64 with Office 2016.

1- Compatibility of this OS is with x64 chipset architecture only

2- You have to spare 20 GB of hard disk for installation as free space.

3- Memory should be 2 GB minimum as RAM.

4- Processor required Intel Core2Duo minimum or higher