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PDF reader Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Download free PDF reader Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for your PC.

If user is searching for a smart PDF reader , he should know that Adobe developed this version and provided it to the user market. It is known that , Adobe Acrobat Reader DC still the very popular PDF reader among the user even in the presence of it's competitors. It is the software that never be missed in user PC .
The functionalities of this application are to open , take print , e-sign, append comment and share PDF files. User may transfer pdf files by different file sharing apps like Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.
User can easily view the contents of different types in this application like multimedia content & forms. Cloud services of Adobe document can ve accessable with this program.
it allows you to develop your documents on the go with any hardware.

This application is free to use but user can subscribe for paid features. This is compatible with any mobile operating system like Android or iOS. A functionality found in the current version is Adobe Scan through which user can convert any document file into  PDF files and attached text recognition feature.

By competing its previous counter parts, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has a lot of original and effective advancements which improves its functionalities. Buying is no more required of paid applications for reading PDFs because this software may provide many functions e.g append remarks on PDF files, fill pdf forms and sign in, editing PDF files, exporting and creating of other files, merging many PDF files into one file as well as adding security features.

The front end of the application is no doubt an advance and having prominent fonts to facilitate navigation. The theme of the application may alter up to choice and some tools like sidebars and ribbons may be send in background if required.
After registration with Cloud which provides storage space as free up to 2 GB, there and then accessibility to current pdf data through any hardware (mobile and desktop) , sync to filling and sign in/up way to fill forms through mobile or desktop, forwarding and sharing of pdf files, notification alerts if the file is launched, transfered or downloaded.
The PC version for Windows contains the fill in and sign in utility , enable user to use PDF forms safely. The real attractive feature of the  AAR DC are belongs to edit PDF files. By using it user can alter the sequence of pages to manage reading accordingly. PDFs can be converted into MS Word, MS PowerPoint, RTF or MS Excel files.
Paid versions has options
1- to merge multiple documents in to a single document.
2- Space of 20GB is available which can be tried tin trail versions.
Protected mode of software is an option based on sandboxing. It protects user from third party malicious applications from installation. A limited access to private files is possible with this option including file extraction not possible from the PC and connected organisation network. Keep in mind that Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is not providing option for manage security or access control data. This is possible with Adobe Acrobat, which has security settings where user can configure reading, launching, printing, copying or modification rights for files. Passwords or validated user logins can be configure to access files. It makes Cloud services a secure facility.

Installation guide

Operating system required for installation is MS Windows 7 or newer.
Stop all other versions of the application and opened PDF in browser.
Installation page will open by click on download button.
Press Install button.
Downloading alert will show at the bottom. Press Run. The installation has stages like first one is , you get the installation file and second one is execute the PDF reader. User will stayed tuned while both stages to be finished. User can view progress bar for their ease.

Press Finish if installation finished.

Prominent features

User experience is really good and full with supportive languages, where as English language will suitable in updated version. User can append remarks to pdf documents without problem and it has many display options to select the any that matches users style of job.
Print of pdf is really smart and attached a bunch of options. Full screen option arrange the complete view for the you and accommodate the facility of Acrobat Cloud, that is really helpful. It makes your data safe and you can restore data any time and on any device.

Making your files intellectual property, enables you to safe your copyrighted files from modification or replication. This is really a comprehensive application which is "must have applications"for your system. For substitute applications PDFill PDF Editor or Nitro PDF Reader 64-bit are better options. These are better free replacements to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

This application is available as freeware for operating system Windows-32 bit & Windows-64 bit on a  personal  computer from Adobe. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is workable for all IT users.