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To access PCs remotely, AnyDesk is a best application among remote desktop tools. You can connect with your system using app, that can be installed on MS-Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, including mobile OS like iOS and Android. The new version also allows remote control of Android machines and user can download free AnyDesk software here.

Simple control over remote desktop

This application is very known remote side desktop control software among other software on the globe. Its priorities are to concentrate on robustness and stability. By enhancing server side, it enables a quick connection.

• An easy GUI interface enables users to understand the functionality from the start , that makes AnyDesk prominent to other such software like DW Service.

Supportive for business use:

AnyDesk is a solution which is free for remotely connection utility for desktops that allows users to transfer files to any machine through out the multiple locations. It has a collection of features like sharing of files , collaboration over network (internet) , access control & a customizable user interface.

Further more, it's not like UltraVNC, which is a famous software, AnyDesk is suitable for startup businesses and medium size businesses. Application has by default contact book that supports user to maintain list of frequent connections. The live status of every connected node can be viewed in real-time.

Remotely generation of invoices and management of user bills or reports are possible with the administration tools.

Working of AnyDesk in absence of internet?

AnyDesk which is free available to download, need to work through Internet connectivity. It may perform better on less speed and in locations with bad data connections but not perform offline.

Security & Setting up

A unique ID number is used by AnyDesk, to establish a link. Most of other software demand editing on the router settings, but this application will never demand such things. The configurations is so smart and quick which enable user to initiate working with systems within no time.

User can set alias according to his requirements as soon as he downloaded the app. Without using random numbers user can forward this 'id' with peers to connect more simply.

After connection with client and host PC through this app, user can Forward the 'Remote Desk ID' to peers to setup a connection. User forward address info of one computer and manage it using the other computer.

TLS1.2 encryption is used by AnyDesk for cyber safety . User may also configure a password with in the settings to enable a next level of security.

When user configure application on MS-Windows 10, it is acceptable to maintain multiple permissions to enable peers to listen sounds of the other PC, the clipboard is accessible, the keyboard and mouse get controllable, get display of the monitor, and lots of other.

Not like browser based applications (Chrome Remote Desktop & others) , the files forwarded using AnyDesk will be still present on user's hard disk and no compromise on security.

Features and functionalities

AnyDesk provide user to sync the clipboard data of the client & host PCs. It makes available settings at menu bar.

User may do customization of Audio transmitters, captures screen shots, view the remote cursor, and many others. If user want to controlling his peers, he can launch view-only session and stop taking inputs.

Is files transfer possible in AnyDesk?

As for as file transfer matter, it is very smooth using this software. To transfer files through this, user can copy his dara to the clipboard and paste data on the system of the remote PC.

User can find a file manager technique, enables user to reboot a PC and enjoy printing of files, along with other tasks.

Simplicity and ease of access:

User may create connection shortcuts on his terminal for easy access. If user ask for connection using shortcuts, the ID mark and previous connections display, permit users to select any.

By using system information tab, user can explore details of other connected computer. 

DeskRT as codec:

A video codec DeskRT is used by AnyDesk which is developed for encoding of PC screen videos. That is why, the software can display user's remote screen transmissions without hanging and share screen activities as normal as screen in front of user.

Due to background of strong servers, DeskRT establish an immediate connections, no worries the how for the remote location is.

Compare TeamViewer with AnyDesk ?

Its true that TeamViewer is very famous remote access software in the Market, it is here as the primary competitor of AnyDesk. AnyDesk is smarter than TeamViewer in few features, mainly its realistic front end and speed, as well as the care taking of cyber security.

Strengths of AnyDesk

AnyDesk is one of leading selection for users who are looking for such kind of software. It is smart and responsive, provide comprehensive control. Due to its robust connection and latest server side. Conclusion, if someone required to manage their systems remotely, must consider this application as an prime option.