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To save identification , bypass censor policy and give facility to browse web anonymously while covering IP, this is the favorite internet browser for all these activities. Download the latest free PC software TOR the onion router.

Tor is a 

i) free & open source web browser 
ii) application download within vpn and proxy category
iii) Tor Project for Windows is the provider.

Tor review is continuously improving, here is a feedback by an enthusiast to use on a PC.

To work anonymously over internet The Onion Router (TOR) is a open source application . 


How TOR do that?

The Onion Router forward browser request over a network which is
1) global
2) free
3) having volunteer contributors
4) around four thousand forwarders
5) These middle forwarders protect actual internet requester's info. like location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis.


By the help of Tor (which you can download free here) it is hard to track web activities like
i) Websites browsing,
ii) social media posts,
iii) messengers traffic
iv) lot of other activities,
v) track back to the internet user
vi) willing to conceal the internet user's privacy
vii) Provide freedom to carry on business secrecy .

Alternate software

Hotspot shield is a free alternative software of free VPN. Hotspot Shield has support of  over 2,500 servers in over 25 countries to manage there services

Unlike other VPN softwares Free VPN  has a very simple interface and easy to use. It has enough distributed servers to serve their clients

Internet Data in Onion Routing:

a) internet data in its request and forward state encrypted and re encrypted many times.
b) data will move on virtual circuits
c) each circuit contain different relays.
d) layer of encryption , decrypts over each relay to unhide for only the next coming relay in the virtual circuit, for the purpose to forward the remaining encrypted data on to circuit.
e) the last Tor relay decrypts the final layer of encryption and forward the actual data, without unhide or even having clue of its sender, to the destination. This methodology make limited the probability of the real data being known when its on the way and, more important, protect the routing paths of data.