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Download Free WhatsApp for PC

Download Free WhatsApp Messenger for PC

WhatsApp is a free messenger App for smart phones that can send, and receive text messages, multimedia, and documents. It can also be linked with your phone contacts and stories can be shared with them. WhatsApp allows a user to make and join groups for easy communication. Recently, WhatsApp messenger is available for Desktop PC running Windows OS have been launched as a Desktop Application.

Technical Specifications

Title: WhatsApp Messenger for PC Windows  for Windows

  1. OS: Windows 7 onwards
  2. Language: English
  3. License: Free
  4. Author: WhatsApp Inc.
  5. Version: 2.2134.10.0

Features of WhatApp 64-bit for PC?

This application allows a user to use WhatsApp on PC just like they use it on a smart phone. The user can send and receive message in groups, create groups, display statuses and it features a clean interface that has dark theme enabled. This application also allows a user to communicate with Facebook contacts. A user can join groups using hot links.

WhatsApp Messenger is safe for PC and does not utilize extra resources. WhatsApp Messenger has cross platform support and has a high-end Sync service that synchronizes messages and content on both smart phone and PC in a few seconds.

Once it is installed it gives access to history and archived messages stored on the App.


The current version does not allow a user to make or receive calls, specifically via the web interface. The groups cannot have more than 250 members yet. The application is available for Windows family. This application is useful only for old user and first time or new users must install and register with WhatsApp using a smart phone.

Where to Download WhatsApp 64-bit for PC?

The executable can be downloaded from WhatsApp official website as well as you can download free 32 bit and 64 bit WhatsApp messenger for PC here by pressing download button at the end of article.

Install and Run

Navigate to the Downloads folder and double click on the exe file

The Progress bar shows the progress status. 

Once installed double click the WhatsApp icon and run it

Either input your mobile number to connect or use the QR code via WhatsApp on your phone.

The Application will then connect with your mobile app and sync. The application for the PC can be linked with Windows startup and will run when the Windows is logged in.

You will need to have your smart phone and Desktop connected with Internet simultaneously for this application to work. If the phone is turned off or not connected to the Internet, then you cannot use the Desktop application. You can save you rlogin information in the desktop application so that you do not need to sign in every time. However, the application refreshes login status after a few days to ensure that no authorized user is accessing an account


The WhatsApp messenger 64-bit for PC is available freely and can be used on any number of machines. 

WhatsApp Inc standards:

This application follows the industry standards followed by WhatsApp Inc. and does not leak or share user data with any third party. All bugs and issues are reported, and new versions of the software are updated regularly.