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Download free Reiboot

Download free Reiboot for PC

Reiboot is a Windows based product that can fix many iPhone booting problems. This application is a repair utility for iPhone and is installed on Windows platform. You can download free Reiboot here. The product is compatible for all iOS devices including iPad 2nd generation and all iPhones. The interface is simple and suited for new users who do not have technical knowledge. 

Reiboot is suitable for many booting issues in iPhone and iPads. It is a suitable product for both individuals and businesses. However, it cannot resolve and repair all problems in iPhones and can fix and repair 150 different problems.

Technical Specifications

Title:   Reiboot  for Windows

OS: Windows 7 and above

Language: English

License: Free

Author: tenorshare

What are Reiboot’s Features?

Reiboot can solve many problems including, disabled iPhone, connection to iTunes, unresponsive at Apple logo, detection problem of iPhone, touch screen issues, etc. Many other common problems that require a software fix can be resolved using Reiboot.

There are other tools that can fix problems on iPads and iPhones. Specifically, when the device is unresponsive and appears to be stuck during booting. Many devices are unresponsive at the Apple logo screen, which could be fixed with this product by providing instant access into and out of recovery mode.

System repair is also possible with up to 150 technical errors and their resolution. This could also optimize a device without losing any data. Resetting an iOS device is also possible that restores the device to general settings or factory settings. Factory resetting completely wipes all data and restores the device to original factory status.

iTunes errors can also be fixed including when the device cannot connect with iTunes. Passcode errors or locked issues can also be fixed with Reiboot.

Backup utility helps a user to backup to stable states. This helps in recovering the state if a problem occurs due to installation or system change. The backup data is stored on the PC. 

Reiboot is a useful tool for individuals and businesses that rely on iOS on their daily operations. Quick and hot fixes can be applied on common errors that cause delays and annoyance to users. It can also save a lot of revenue in repairs on mundane errors. 

What are Reiboot’s limitations?

The main problem is the limited number of issues that can be fixed effectively.

Where to download Reiboot?

Reiboot is free available to download here by clicking download button at the end of article.

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Run the file, it needs no installation. Connect the device via USB cable. When the device is running a popup appears asking the user to enter recovery mode. If accepted the device goes to recovery mode. In around 5-10 seconds a black screen with text is shown. This is normal and indicates that Reiboot is working correctly. When the task is complete, the iPhone or iPad reboots and the device can then be used. The errors are automatically detected and resolved by the utility.