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Picasa is a free, downloadable, image viewing program developed by Google Inc. It allows a user to view images stored on the system and can also perform hot fixes including red-eye removal, cropping, searching, tagging, and creating slideshows. You can download Picasa here. The program can also edit the images for better visibility. It also allows a user to quickly browse through a folder of images and generates large sized thumbnails for easy and quick identification of the content. 

Picasa is a powerful tool that manages the digital albums on a system. It can search the entire HDD for images and other similar file formats. A vide variety of file formats are supported that includes different codecs for optimal viewing of an image. The program automatically organizes the images in chronological order depending on the creation data as well as can identify faces and create albums based on faces. This allows quicker searches to be performed based on a user’s face. This process is non-invasive and carries out in the background. 

Technical Specifications

Title:   Picasa for Windows

OS:  Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Language: English.

License: Free

Author: Google Inc.

What are Picasa’s Features?

Picasa comes a proprietarily auto-discovery mechanism that detects new images copied to the system and organizes and stores them to the program’s database. It can also detect when a card reader or camera is attached to the system and prompts a user for file copying. 

There are many image enhancement utilities packages in Picasa. Images can be optimized and compressed for email, transfer, and printing. Multiple printing options to 3.5 x 5 print, 4 x 6 print, or Full-Page Print is easily possible.  All this is possible with a couple of clicks. A unique Histogram feature is provided that allows a user to see the color distribution. Images can also be exported to third-party applications as well as backed up with Google drive.

Common editing features include rotate, red-eye removal, crop, color correction, touchups, and contrast enhancement are also provided. It also provides single-click hot fixes that adjust the images for best viewing configurations. Images can be accessed based on a virtual timeline based on the creation date. The timeline is an interactive organization of the digital images found on a system.

It has a simple and clean interface, and it is easy to navigate within Picasa. A picture tray is provided at the bottom that can display individual photos, pinned by a user. Importing digital photos from multiple sources is easy and can quickly be done with a single click.

What are Picasa’s limitations?

Picasa is a feature-rich product that provides a user-friendly interface for quick edits. However, it does not provide professional edits for bulk images as it is designed for personal usage. 

Where to download Picasa?

Picasa is freely downloadable from Google Open-Source Software Repository or here by clicking download button at the end of article.

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Double click to install.