Kindle for PC

Download Amazon Kindle for PC

Download Amazon Kindle for PC

With the advent of electronic age, newspapers and books have been digitized and shared over the Internet. This has changed people’s reading habits. Million of users now read digital newspapers, e-papers, e-magazines, e-books, and other material using handheld specialized readers. Among them is the Amazon Kindle. You can download Kindle for PC here. Amazon Kindle is also downloadable and installable on a PC running Windows operating system. This allows a user to enjoy the features of Kindle on their own system. While Kindle is not a book, its interface provides many features to make it as book-like as possible while using the power digital architecture. A user has a customizable interface, variable type size, notes, data storage, bookmarks, highlighter, and searching features. Kindle is a freeware that a user can use to access Amazon Kindle without a dedicated device. It has a Whipersync feature that automatically syncs the reading state across all devices and machine owned and used by a user. It can synchronize last read page, bookmarks, notes, as well as customized settings and configurations 

Technical Specifications

Title: Kindle version 
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Language: English
License: Free
Author: Amazon

What are Kindle’s features?

Easy Installation and Synchronization: Setting up Kindle on a PC is a simple and straightforward process. A user can use their own userID and password to login the software and everything is synchronized automatically over the Internet. However, a new user can register themselves and start using all its features for free. 
Archived Items: Clocking on the archived items automatically opens the saved books. This allows a user to continue reding as well as re-read their favorite titles.
GUI and Kindle Like Interface: Amazon prides themselves in providing a software that works and looks much like their specialized device. The GUI is user friendly with simple controls and PC specific features embedded in the software. An outlined graphic provides a popup based helpful instructions on how to use the features. Navigation is easy when using the mouse wheel and allows scrolling and reading to be a fun feature. Also, back, and forward buttons are also provided for navigation. The software can change the font size as well as words per line, color mode, and brightness for a customizable and easy reading experience.
Amazon Shop: The Shop features takes a user to the Kindle store, where they can buy e-books, mark as favorites, or simple search for titles and genres which is composed of millions of items. The titles are automatically downloaded to the system once bought and selected by a user. 
Fast Search and Dowload: Kindle provides fast download and search facility that downloads in under a minute. 

What are Kindle’s limitations?

A user still has to buy the books and register on amazon to read a book. 

Where to download Kindle ?

Download free latest version of Amazon Kindle here at the end of article.

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Double click to install. The progress bar shows the installation progress.