For your Windows computer, Mailbird is a free desktop email application. Mailbird is jam-packed with tools that will increase your productivity and cut down on the amount of time you spend checking email. It may be a straightforward email app or a flexible dashboard that streamlines your life and increases productivity.

Quick compose and respond to reduce emailing time, inline action bar to quickly organise everything, and seamless offline access to manage your email from anywhere are all examples of these features. The app's user interface maintains your inbox appearing calm, reduces email clutter with lovely categorization features, and simplifies email management. Finally, a useful email client for Windows PCs!

You may now immediately link your emails and their tasks with this app and Moo.do. Just drag your emails onto your to-do list for the day. Moo.do & Mailbird ensure that you reach inbox zero as quickly as possible by assisting you in organising your chores and messages in an easy and comfortable way! Email clients are only one aspect of Mailbird. It's an incredible solution that allows all the applications and tools you already use to communicate, plan, and do other things to collaborate. For simple meeting scheduling and calendar combining, try the Google Calendar. You may simply maintain contact with your loved ones, friends, and business associates using the WhatsApp instant messaging software.

You can effortlessly communicate with individuals via email and instant messaging at the same time while your Mailbird email client is running your WhatsApp stream. To exchange photographs, videos, and documents in WhatsApp, just drag & drop attachments from your emails. The software offers a variety of special layouts to fit your preferences and working methods.

Functionality and Highlights


The application has a straightforward interface that is free of clutter. It creates a zen-like experience in your inbox by clearing out email clutter and offering stunning organisational tools.
There isn't an email client that prioritises speed. The app team works tirelessly to speed up every millisecond and eliminate any extra steps, making it the fastest email app ever. The tool provides a boost in workflow productivity.
Because the software development team values your privacy, they never scan the contents of your emails or save any of your data to servers. You alone should see what is in your inbox.

By integrating significant social networks like Facebook directly into the app, the tool makes it simpler for you to use social media, which is a vital communication tool.

Using Smart Mail bird is surprisingly simple. There is hardly any learning curve; you only need to click around until you "understand it." You can use them as-is or easily modify them to include your favourite apps. Your email productivity will increase right now.

Observation: 30-day PRO trial version. Free for life (limited to three emails and basic settings)

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