The use of sophisticated scanning software and artificial intelligence services for developing improved investment techniques and real-time simulated trading are made available to customers of the financial website Trade Ideas.
The Trade Ideas console is one of the best places on the internet for discovering sound financial guidance, as well as the ideal venue for education, universities, and live seminar material for clients who are eager to learn more about the financial world. It was built on top of powerful AI technology and a long history of financial market analytics.
Yet, Trade Ideas Demo requires from its customers not only a somewhat expensive premium subscription but also time to understand how its sophisticated tools function in order for them to fully benefit from this intriguing platform.
Combined Simulated Trading OddsMaker Window and Artificial Intelligence Brokerage
Stock Racing in Real Time

A potent intra-day stock scanner that gives users access to a variety of pre-formatted built-in scans for discovering new investment possibilities can be characterised as Trade Ideas for Windows PC. The brain of its computations is a "Holly Grail" (or Holly) AI-powered robo-advisor, which can test millions of simulated transactions to determine its opinions on impending trading proposals.

For new customers who are still unfamiliar with its extensive selection of products and services, the Trade Ideas dashboard can be frightening. They may rapidly become familiar with the fundamentals of this sophisticated financial platform and all the ways it can extract useful data from exploring the public markets with the aid of integrated documentation and onboarding processes.

Highlights & Features

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Graphical Trade Assistant Price Alerts Based on Charts
customized workspaces on channel bar
A.I. Virtual Trading Expert – Based on Holly Charts Trade Facilitation Risk Assessment Using AI
Create and test any trading idea
Automated trading with Brokerage Plus and AI

The greatest market scanners now include Trade Ideas. New users are welcome to test it out with the lavish FREE TRIAL licence, but major traders are incentivized to upgrade to one of the paid levels that unlocks a wide range of tools like real-time streaming quotations, concurrent graphs, Holly the AI assistant, price notifications, entry and exit indicators, risk assessment, and more. Brokerage Plus - a premium subscription level - is also made accessible.

Latest Version:

Trade Ideas - AI Stock Market Scanner LATEST

OS required:

Windows 10 / Windows 11


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