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Download free CCleaner for your PC

Download free CCleaner for your PC

CCleaner software is for MS-Windows , a free computer  optimizer for deleting unnecessary items such as cookies, useless data, and temporary files to free up space on your computer. This Piriform application frequently checks and identifies things that are causing your computer to slow down. You can download free cyber / information security software CCleaner here.

What is the CCleaner Software?

CCleaner is a program that cleans and optimizes your computer's operating system. With the use of CCleaner, You can easily clean your computer, free up hard drive storage pace and prevent your computer from slowing down. This is one of those free PC tools that do an excellent job of cleaning up temporary files.

CCleaner is a closed and free tool that can be downloaded on a variety of devices. It was created by Piriform Ltd, a private software company based in London, UK. It was first launched on September 23, 2003. Over the years, various updates and versions have been made on these three platforms:  Windows, Mac OS, and Android.

You may clean and optimize your operating system, as well as clean numerous documents, by downloading CCleaner. It can also remove several programs from the interface and prevent specific applications from running when the system is started.

Improved boot speed, reduced system load, and freeing up disk space are the advantages of installing CCleaner on your device. In addition, access is significantly faster.

Benefits of CCleaner:


There are some major advantages of CCleaner

Delete unnecessary files 

Delete temporary files and other useless data

Free  hard disk storage

Remove LIMINATES waste of software

Delete internet browsing history

Clean registry

Identify duplicate files

It rectify the errors that result problems

Finally, download CCleaner for free and get several cleaning options like free up hard disk space, keep your computer more stable, reduce device usage errors, and provide navigation. Meanwhile, restoring the registry allows you to delete outdated data and thus improve this important component of your computer.

Fast navigation

CCleaner can help you to find data faster in any browser, including Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. When you use the internet, your computer or device collects large amounts of unwanted information, such as cookies. This can now be changed after the user's choice and privacy policy.

Temporary files and other settings are also saved when you run various programs. All these unnecessary things and your browsing history can be deleted by running CCleaner. As a result, the hard disk space is freed up and the system is allowed to run faster. There is less risk of losing important documents by focusing only on small files.

Using the application's start function, it is possible to detect and select all unused but active programs when the computer is turned on. This reduces the start-up time of the device.

Decrease probability of errors

An error warning or screen lock is an indicator that you need to install CCleaner or another such program. This is because the file is corrupt or is no longer used. Registry Cleaner, included in this free tool, allows you to find and fix these problems.

As a bonus, the program will tell you how much data you need to back up to prevent data loss.

Improve safe navigation

Despite recent changes in the enactment and new rules administering data privacy terms and policies, not all websites make deactivating cookies as simple as possible. CCleaner removes saved data such as passwords, search history, and cached data when you download it. Identity theft and network fraud are less likely as a result of this.

Adjustable cleaning

When installing CCleaner, users can adjust the cleaning options to suit their needs. The application provides certain standard settings for users with limited computer knowledge. The level of selection can be wider and defines even the most advanced types of cookies.

Extra versions, when user downloading CCleaner

CCleaner Cloud and other versions such as Professional, Business, and Technician are produced by Piriform Ltd in addition to the standard version to download CCleaner.

CCleaner Web Browser

In the words of Piriform , CCleaner Application Browser is a highly secure web browser that provides safety to users' personal information and enables a user to hide his  fot-prints. This software solution is acquired by Avast and is now called Avast Secure Browser, but with the icon of CCleaner.

CCleaner application's Cloud

CCleaner application's Cloud is a cloud-based version of CCleaner that can be downloaded instead of the regular version. It is a cloud-based internet platform that allows you to clean and optimize user system from there. Its merits include the fact that it is free, active and does not require the user to be in front of the system to connect the computer to the Piriform server.

The paid version is available by subscription for people who want to use advanced features. 

Rating CCleaner 

Despite 2 million downloads from the start, there's not much to say. Therefore, being free software, its features are not always up to par with paid competitors or those that offer premium tier alternatives.

Therefore, it is a tool with a simple and intuitive design that allows the user to take full advantage of all its features. The Piriform launch its updated regularly so that its functionality will consistently expand in the future.

Clean Master and BleachBit are two other free CCleaner options worth considering.