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Download Free Google Chrome for Your PC

Download Free Google Chrome for Your PC.

Google Chrome (Windows & Mac) internet browser created by technology company Google which is available free . Chrome browser is developed to provide internet users a robust and smooth web surfing due to its feature of most clear GUI. Google has provided options to make its product a secure application using settings about info and management of cookies which are  built-in utilities.

Using Google Chrome and its impact ?

A PC may contain many different internet browsers simultaneously. It concludes that user not need to remove Internet Explorer if user want to use Google Chrome in parallel on same machine. It is due to behaviour of users who like to use various browsers for internet surfing.

Google Chrome is the ideal option for websurfurs which have a operating systems MS Windows as well as having following situations

a) Internet speed is inconsistent.

b) like advance internet browser.

c) Less knowledge of technology .

How Speed is possible ?

Among other internet browsers Google Chrome prominently has high speed comparatively. It is due to lot of reasons.

A simple GUI make it a light wait application which uses small amount of memory.

User may not wait while page loading although extensions and plug-ins has configured.

JavaScript engine is used by chrome which is working constantly.

DNS pre-fetching function enables fast loading of different Internet sites. Google's servers make it possible to maintain this.

Automatic updates

Automatic updates make it possible to manage update by itself rather then user do it by himself. As soon as chrome received a latest update, it install said files immediately and this is a regular process. So people less bother to remember the Chrome version which they have been used. Whenever they want to know they just go to key icon that can be found on right corner.

Security management functions

software updates is cyber security enabled that is why databases of malware and phishing are integrated. Due to that reason people will face an alert when they visit to a marked site. Therefore we can say that chrome has key functions to manage security and privacy.

Home page by desire

Customization of home page is possible for user, the customized browser arrives if user launch it. There are two possibilities:

Frequently visited websites appear as thumbnails and act as shortcuts and can be altered according to user choice. 

Icons of the installed software.

Bar for Bookmarking

When users want to save the web pages they browsed, there is a yellow star button located in the top right corner, next to the key, . The web links may stored in the bookmarking bar or in a structure designed by the user, hierarchical or otherwise. User can stay visible or hide bookmarking bar 

Extensions of Google Chrome

One of the main features of Google Chrome for MS-Windows is the multiple types of extensions it provided. These extensions are utilities that the user finalized whether to incorporate in the chrome. This action is on individual level and connected with the requirements or usage of each user. Google's search engine, G mail and You Tube are available in built within Google Chrome.
Almost all type of extensions are available, like games to social networking utilities. Many of them are free but some are paid. It is necessary to configure only extensions that are important, so that the speed of the chromemay not affect.

Chrome and its connection with Google

Chrome is known Google Chrome due to a relation. This is a Google's internet browser and this is developed to be utilized for web searches. The search option is prominent among other extensions which can be viewed in the regular start screen and to use in search. Internet users just need to give their search strings as input and press enter.

How Google Synchronised Services

Chrome which available to download free here,  provides all types of Google services. Like email through G-mail, Google Maps & the You Tube for social networking . If a user use them, the chrome facilitates to sync these services all to signing in parallel same time.

This integration preserve user's bookmarked sites, extensions, priorities and themes in the Google cloud. It results as they will be accessible on any platform when user login in to Chrome.

Chrome Incognito Browsing:

Same as other internet explorers, Anonymous browsing is allowed in Google Chrome. In this way of web surfing, the application never do tracking or saving the information of the visited sites .

No tracking work as no cookies are used, so minimum level of advertising will be faced. This choice is not enabled by default. To enable it, navigate to the config menu :

open the advanced options

Mark the 'send a 'Do not track' option with your internet traffic.

How Chrome Work with Different Profiles:

A simple procedure to create multiple profiles is a prominent reason of selection among Google Chrome's fan following .

To make it simple, Profiles are, different sections of the chrome where you can save your bookmarking & search history, etc. It's a nice way to incorporate multiple profiles if user share his/ her PC. It enables every user to create his own profile and customise their data.

Creating multiple profiles in Google Chrome can be useful even when there is only one user. It allows you to manage different accounts in social networks and keep professional activity on the web separate from personal activities, etc.