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Download free Skype for PC

Download free Skype for PC

 voice & video calling application

Skype is a calling applicatio which supports video & voice chatting including text messaging. The program is very user friendly and has an attractive frontend. Internet users have vast knowledge about peer based message and calling applications, but Skype software has client server based and in background it is running on a strong server which supports to establish a reliable conversation. User may work with it as a free program over WiFi, or registered for a calling package which is for contacting other cell phone numbers.

Stay connected

Skype is very initiale solution which provides services for video calling as well as phone calls. The same technology algorithm has since been evolved and embedded to latest applications . The integrated modules makes it smarter and convincing. People having less knowledge of IT skills may easily understand to communicate with Skype. User may also registered with their Google or Facebook logins, that is definitely a plus point. Since application is now acquired by Microsoft company, user may integrate his Skype login and Microsoft login, doing it quickly to connect through any machine.

The behaviour and outlook of Skype software is just like to any other major calling applications for example Whatsapp or Viber. User can see Messenger of Facebook has the same design features in areas of notifications, emojisr and reactions . Skype that is available for free to download, presents also things like that but un its own way. Like, user may invite anyone to connect with his call. Addition of credits to user logins to text and call other cell numbers. So the list of features is long enough.

Text chatting and calling

Users of Skype are less familiar with most of this tool's features because they take them as a bonus than a requirement. One feature among them is hosting of a conference call that user can arrange and invite peers by pressing the Meet Now button. The peers, user is inviting don’t need to have installed Skype software. Just forward them the link of conference, and peers may connect to users on their web browser. This is a really an attractive feature as this feature doesn’t demand installation of software but allow people to go through the application. When user want to arrange a meeting on the go, user may do it from his Android or iOS machine using the application.

Any kind of text messaging and calling are free if all users are using Skype application. When user wants to initialise calls to a landline or cell phone, user may do that by purchasing credits for his account. The charges per minute may huge for this type of activity, but application provides many offers and regular plans. User may also do text messaging by using the same technique.

Nice frontend

The design is flexible to move around. On the left panel user can find all of his recent interactions and online connections. The color scheme of the application is comfortable for the eyes and make a prominent difference among different sections.

Light and Dark Mode are available for users as an option. User is allow to user alternate “theme color”, that will apply on accent color, to buttons and chosen things.

The menu for options has many things. User may resize emoji in text, mic testing, speakers adjustment, and camera settings for doing / receiving calls. User may also depot Skype credits for doing phone calls.