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Download Data Transfer Software from mobile Smartphone to PC

Download Data Transfer Software from mobile Smartphone to PC:

SHAREit is a data transfer tool that can transfer multiple kind of files through a WiFi channel. Now you can Free download latest software for data transfer from PC to Mobile and data transfer from Mobile to PC. Transfer data from your smartphone to computer. 

Supporting operating systems are 

(i)MS Windows,
(iii) iOS
(iv)Mac OS X .

This software is helpful if you want to transfer file between PC and A device like phone or tablet. SHAREit has potential to forward huge data just using WiFi technology.

SHAREit has a clear and convenient GUI . The navigation icons are designed according to rules of user experience which make file transfer a straightforward job.

A prominent and distinctive attribute that this software bring forth the capability to absolutely replicate a filesystem design to other filesystems. In simple words it can transfer files from Windows directory structure to an Android directory structure. Free download of smartphone to computer and computer to smartphone data transfer application is available.

You should be careful when working with SHAREit with other machines, like Android smartphones, those devices should also have relevant apps. You can download Android app The SHAREit from the Google Play store.

As a whole, this tool is a really helpful software for PCs through which you can transfer pics, songs, applications and lot of kind of data through a WiFi with less hassle.

Prominent Attributes:

1: You can browse your file by connecting mobile to your PC.

2: Manage your ppt with your smartphone.

3: You can Backup and restore your precious data within no time, store all improvement events and activities.

4: Backup of contacts, text messages, applications, any kind of files from your old mobile to new mobile.


Compatibility of SHAREit with 32-bit / 64-bit Systems

This Application is freeware (licensed) for
a) Windows 32-bit operating system
b) Window 64-bit operating system
Can be use on a laptop or desktop machines from components not having restrictions. For SHAREit, operating systems are Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.