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Download Free Encryption / Security Software For PC

Download Free Encryption / Security Software For PC:

VeraCrypt is an advanced encryption algorithms for HDD and partitions security. Download free PC encryption /security software VeraCrypt.

If you have any classified data in your PC, you must save it as encrypted form with an application like VeraCrypt, partition drives can be easily secured as well as make files that can be connected as a drive in operating system.

How to initiate encryption:

To initiate with VeraCrypt is simple and appreciate to its wizard-kind of frontend, making encrypted drives or partitions is smooth.

The application provides a number of other encryption techniques, like i)AES, ii)Serpent, iii)Twofish, iv)Camellia and others. If you want to create a volume on your current hard disk, you can chose the required partition size, password and format to to take initiate. After completion, use the front screen of VeraCrypt to connect the encrypted file holder partition as a drive in operating system.

Encryption Options:

Advertisement If you're searching for encryption of whole hard disk or current volume, you may perform ths also by choosing a system volume in the wizard.

Moreover, VeraCrypt is an advanced form of TrueCrypt and is simple to work with and extraordinary safe method to protect and encrypt your files and drives; never forget to use complex passwords.

Make a virtual encrypted drive within a file and connect it as a original partition.

Encrypts a whole volume or storage media like USB flash disk or hard disk

Download this free encryption software to encrypts a drive or volume where Windows operating system is available

Encryption is advanced, on the go and seamless

To read and write data fast Parallelization and pipelining i helpful if the volume is not encrypted

Encryption may be hardware boosted on advanced processors.


This application is Freeware (licensed) for operating system Windows 32-bit and operating system Windows 64-bit on a PC (laptop/ desktop) . VeraCrypt 1.24 Update 7 is usable to all application users as a free software for OS Windows. Due to an open source software, users are easily check the source code and forward this solution.

License- Free Open Source
Language- Publisher-IDRIX
OS-Windows 10 8 7 XP
Computer Type- 32-bit, 64-bit · x86_x64
Updated- Jan 10, 2021
Version- 1.24 Update 7