VLC Media Player

Download free VLV player PC Top App

Download free vlc media player for your PC

Download free vlc media player for your PC

Media player for Cross platforms

You can play media files on different devices by using VLC Media Player, like PC, laptops, smartphones and tabs. It also compatible with different type of streaming protocols, CD or DVDs. MP3 MKV and other formats can easily open with VLC due to by default available codecs in software. Download free media player VLC for your PC here.

VLC Media Player is an awesome application which can perform approximately anything a multimedia software could do. This is a robust and comprehensive software as well as play videos without downloading further codecs. You may operate VLC Media Player using simple mouse clicks and wheel to regulate sounds.

The project of VLC Media Player covers a bunch of functionalities due to a vigilant open sourcing team and users community. They are creating difference in the areas of hardware decoder & capability to usage of GPU, filtering of audio and video, streaming over internet and smooth compatibility with previous and current solutions and methods.

Speed management while running video and internet video streams recording . Application contains package with skin help. Skins may available from a different websites on internet.

Security level of VLC Media Player ?

As for as operating system compatibility concerns, it is compatible with iOS, Android, Linux, MS windows 32-bit & 64-bit. The software may also be played videos on Apple TV. 

This application is created and launched by the VideoLAN non-commercial company, No malware attached to steal your information with it. This is also a free from adds software. So users can download for free here this software.


VLC compatibility with operating systems

Compatibility with known operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8,10 etc. The said application is totally reliable to use and configure with all platforms. 

Due to the nature of application as an open source software which allow people to create more enhancements by using development languages like Objective-C,  C and C++. Whereas the official company provided software is a safe player, be careful while using product provided by other suppliers.

Use of VLC Media Player

VLC software is really the very famous media players on the globe due to its compatibility with different video file formats with in a an eye catching GUI  that is full of features. It provides many recording facilities. It offers screen reordering which helps to record computer based activities. User may also record videos by using webcam.

‘Media’ tab contains the two techniques of recording, in capture device select desktop to record whatever is running and playing on screen otherwise select directshow to choose camera for recording.

Select 'Take Snapshot’ while watching video by right click, in context menu to take screen shots. File format can be changed by using VLC. User may convert videos by choosing ‘Media’ tab & clicking ‘Convert / Save’. A screen will arrive where user may add all the files which user like to convert within the window by selecting the ‘Add…’ tab. User select the ‘Convert / Save’ tab at the base of the screen if user has chosen his/ her required videos to convert. User can found on next screen a number of video formats in dropdown menu.

User may select the file format and location to keep the video to. If user is looking to start to convert the video, then user may click the ‘Start’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Video converted by user will save on selected location.

Lightweight media player

Main features of VLC application are conversion, downloading and playing audio/ videos. This software neither consume many resources nor a heavy application. User may reconfigure some GUI level things like skin editor, watermarks, etc.

Fresh functionalities are produced regularly in updated versions of VLC , the application will automatically download the updated software with user's consent. With the compatible formats like XviD, DivX, MKV,AES3 it helps running ZIPed files.

The software is completely flexible and gives access to lot of themes through the internet, accompanied by various configurations that may be usable with audio or video running files.

Main points

Smart, quick and strong media player

You can run anything: DvDs, CDs, cames, live Streaming etc

Runs lot of video formats without codec packs.

Runs on all operating systems: MS-Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac-OS-X,

Totally Free, No malware, no advertisement as well as no spying on users.

Convert Videos & Stream


This application is freeware (licensed) for the OS Windows-32-bit and Windows-64-bit both for laptop/desktop computer. Due to open source nature of software, user can freely look into the code and forward this to others without hesitation.

The project is running on non profit bases but donations for the consistent progress are really required. User can usually participate in donations through company website.

Where can find updated version of VLC ?

The company continuously working on the software releases. Latest releases can be found on their official platform.