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Download Free Zoom Web Conferencing Software

Download Free Zoom Web Conferencing Software

Zoom is a video calling and Net Meeting application. For Internet users, software work as an extension configured with Google Chrome which performs as a quick utility for initial level commands like scheduling and initialisation of meetings. You can download free 5.7.4 software for your PC here. By using this extension, users can connect with Zoom calls with the help of their internet browser, which means no need to download and install the software on local computer. This software is commonly use and supportive for webinars, online classes, and academic activities.

Extension of Zoom

If you install the Zoom extension, it may appear as an icon image in toolbar of browser. By click on the icon, user may see a dropdown panel where users can select to schedule or launch a conference. If users choose to initiate a meeting, a fresh tab may appear in which users may download application or launch their pre-installed Zoom application. Also when the user wants to start a meeting using a browser, the opportunity is also there.

Working of Zoom

One prominent dimension of application of its freely available version has calls duration of 40 minutes, people can reconnect after that. Kepp in mind that the calls quality is truly impressive if the Internet connection is stable. User doesn't feel major performance difference between the desktop application and browser application of the software. Application has a text chat option, so if user face jitters during the voice chat, users may continue through the text chat.

Zoom a Favourite Software During Pandemic Covid-19 

During Covid-19 Zoom become largely accepted as solution for video calling , conferencing application and people download free Zoom application for this purpose. While comparison with competitors like Skype, Slack or Google Hangouts, its working is really appreciative.  

Software added some important features other than its video and audio calling, like as the cross-platform functionalities which can transfer files, share a screen, record an online meeting, show reactions and many others.

Zoom settings

In the settings options many customization techniques are available like (i)customised backgrounds, (ii)emoticons, (iii)reactions and (iv)general settings for chatting. The settings for video in Zoom Client for Windows are just like other video calling apps and enable user to choose that installed webcam to work for online video conferencing.