MS Office 2016

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Download Free MS Office 2016

Download Free MS Office 2016 

MS Office 2016 is a combination pack of office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, etc. This application suite is available for both personal and business use and was released in 2015. Office 2016 is compatible with Windows 7 and later versions including Windows 10. MS Office is a useful application suite that is used in daily tasks across variety of professions. From students to industry professionals, from home-based workers to government employees everyone’s needs can be fulfilled by MS Office.

Technical Specifications

Title: MS Office 2016

OS: Windows 7 onwards

Language: English

License: Trial

Minimum requirements. 2GB RAM, 3GB storage, 1 GHz processor. 

Author: Microsoft

Features of MS Office 2016:  

New and improved features of MS Office 2016 are listed here: 

Optimization: MS Office 2016 is optimized for use over laptops, tablets, and desktops. The suite is available only for Windows OS running over Intel or AMD architecture.

Ribbon Commands: The ribbon feature allows a user to customize frequently used commands in an easily accessible ribbon bar. The ribbon also includes a help feature where a user can type in a feature to look for a command.

Multi Authored Documents: This application suite allows to track changes in documents shared by multiple users over the cloud. The changes made by a member are shared with others in real-time. 

Graph and Charts: New chart styles as well as graph types including sunburst, box and whisker, waterfall chart and a tree map is included in Excel.

Analytics and Forecasting: Many new tools for analytics on Excel sheets are included. Form simple histograms to complicated forecasting models, all can now be visually displayed in this suite.

Ink Math: An improved version is provided that allows a user to create their own mathematical expressions in OneNote. The expressions can be converted to human readable format.

Smart and Fast Editing: A user can delete a word just be striking or circling the word using a pen device. The sketches drawn on slides can also be replayed.

Sharing and Cloud Access: Easy sharing options using one click button. Users can share documents with others over the cloud. The cloud provides one-drive based storage and sharing features.


MS Office is compatible with Windows family only and can only be installed using third party tool son Linux based OS.

Where to Download MS Office 2016?

MS Office 2016 can be downloaded from Microsoft website as well as free trial version here by clicking download button at the end of this article. If you want to free download MS Windows 10 plus MS Office 2016 in same package than click here. MS Windows 10+MS Office 2016

Install and Run

Navigate to the Downloads folder and double click on the exe file

The Progress bar shows the progress status. 

You will need an active internet connection to download all files. 


This suite is licensed, and one needs to buy a license from MS Website. Bulk licenses for businesses can also be bought.

Microsoft standards:

MS regularly provides patches and updates to control vulnerabilities in MS Office Suite and allied packages.