Java Runtime Environment SE

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Download free Java Runtime Environment

Download free Java Runtime Environment  for PC:

The JRE is a free to use software that enables windows to run your Java programs. Form Desktops applications to mobile apps, from data to video games, Java enables all. Download free Java Runtime Environment for your Pc here.

Technical Specifications:

Title: Java Runtime Environment SE

OS: Windows XP onwards

Language: English

License: Free

Release: July 21, 2018

Author: Oracle

Version: 10.0.2


Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is a free downloadable program that allows Windows operating systems to run Java programs. Java programs range from desktop to server-side programs and to applications running on smart phones. The program types include database applications, client server programs, peer-2-peer programs, multimedia applications and mobile apps. Java applications are platform independent and run across a variety of OS including Windows, Unix, Android, and Linux. Java supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. JRE provides a runtime environment that allows Java classes and Packages to run. 

What does JRE do?

The JRE is installed as a utility on a Windows OS. This utility can convert Java code into machine specific instructions for Windows family. The Java code is converted to binary format and then executed on a supplied Java Virtual Machine (JVM). JRE is also plugged-in with Web browsers to run Java applets and other code. 

What the JRE can’t do?

JRE enables Java program to run on windows and other OS. However, it does not include a development kit to develop and modify Java code. The development kit is termed as Java Development Kit (JDK) and is downloaded separately. It is important to note that SDK includes JRE as well. 

Where to Download JRE?

JRE is freely downloadable from Oracle website. Select the one suitable for your OS. You can download free JRE here by clicking download button at the end of article.

Install and Run:

After downloading free JRE from here, to install you must know which type of system you are using, i.e., 32-bit or 64-bit. Right-click on Start Menu(  Left-Click System ( See Device Specifications.

Select the download option suitable for your system and download the relevant exe file. Save on your computer. Navigate to your saved file and double click to install. A progress bar is shown which shows you the installation progress. While installing select to receive performance and security updates to keep your JRE up to date.

The JRE installation includes a Demo to test if Java applications can now execute. If not go to your browser and run a demo java applet.


JRE and its associated products are free to use and come under an open-source license. People can freely download and install JRE on as many systems as they want. For development purpose the Open JDK is provided freely while companies can buy license for Oracle’s Java SE for their businesses. 

Oracle and Java Standard: 

Oracle contentiously updates and improves the Java software. The updates are provided freely to all users. New bugs and security vulnerabilities are reported and fixed by Oracle and new updates installed automatically. Oracle reminds the users to keep their JRE updated during installation.