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Download Free DroidCam for PC

DroidCam is a free wireless webcam app. It turns an android device into a webcam, and one doesn’t need to buy a new webcam. You can download free DroidCam here. The  video feed can be used to record video, stream video, and join meetings. This is a highly convenient and cost-effective app, that utilizes the available resources. A user can save money on expensive webcams and use the front or back camera for video recording and streaming.

Technical Specifications

Title:   DroidCam for Windows

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Language: English,   

License: Free

Space: 19 MB

Author: Dev47Apps

What are DroidCam’s Features?

The prime feature of DroidCam is ease of use and convenience to user. This app allows using a smart phones camera as a webcam. One doesn’t need to take their portable laptops for meetings and can simply use a mobile phone as their webcam and attend their meetings on Zoom and Skype. 

DroidCam has a PC client component that connects with the free app on your smart phone. The creates a collaboration between your mobile phone and your PC/Desktop or laptop. Now the laptop can use the smart phone as a better alternate to external webcams. The built-in cameras are not of high resolution and are embedded so that the vide angle is always fixed. The smart phone then becomes an IP camera connected to your PC or laptop via Wi-Fi. This can now be used to stream video on social media like YouTube, Twitch, Discord, etc. 

Another advantage of this product is value for money. A web cam is costly and requires external hardware. This product is supported both by Linux and Windows. There ar eno hidden watermarks or recording limits. The client runs in the background while the phone can be used for other activities. 

The GUI is clean, and user friendly. The Windows client is of small space. This application is unobtrusive on the mobile phone and a user can still use the mobile phone while the camera records and streams video over the network to the PC. 

DroidCam is safe and does not share video to unauthorized clients or applications. 

What are DroidCam’s limitations?

The free version has ads to support the business. These ads can become annoying for a user. There are no video effects or high-resolution support in the free version. One must buy a paid version for extra features. 

The android app and PC client both need to be installed and connected prior to streaming. A weak connection or a low battery android device can lead to low resolution and noise in the video. This product is suitable for Wi-Fi systems where the internal network has a higher bandwidth and speed. 

Where to download DroidCam?

DroidCam is freely available for download here by clicking download button at the end of article.

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Double click to install.

Progress bar shows the installation progress of the file. 

Select the app from play store and install it. The app is installed which is then connected with the PC or laptop client.