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Download Free Torch Browser

Download Free Torch Browser 

Torch is a chromium based, free, social media focused browser. It is similar to Google Chrome, but it has some additional features like downloading directly from YouTube, torrent download, etc. Many browsers require additional plugins to make them customizable for social media users. Download free Torch browser here for your PC. Torch overcomes this as it is more usable for social media web applications. It looks like Chrome and has more features especially for downloading stream data, as it is media centric and optimized for social networks.

Technical Specifications

Title:   Torch Browser  for Windows

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Language: English

License: Free

Author: Torch Media Inc.

What are Torch Browser’s Features?

Torch has an easily accessible sharing button on the top right of the screen. A user can instantly share a page or media content to Facebook and Twitter. It allows a user to facelift their Facebook account as a custom look. Games can be played directly by pressing the Pac-man symbol. The games provided are free. Torch allows a user to play music and watch YouTube videos without having to open a new page. 

Torrent can be downloaded straight through Torch without using a separate software. All downloaded torrents can be viewed by opening the green download symbol. Torch is faster than Firefox or Chrome. 

Sharing includes text, media as well as buttons for translations and look up are also provided. Simply highlight the text and drag it to the sharing button. Searching tabs are also provided.

When watching a video or playing an audio, a download button is enabled. Speed up can be achieved by using a download accelerator. 


What are Torch Browser’s limitations?

Torch has a similar crash rate as of Chrome since it is based on that. Torch can use many extensions that work with Chrome, but full support is still not functional. The torrent protocol used by Torch is not made public. Torch does not have a VPN facility though it can be downloaded and plugged in. 

The sharing platform supported by Torch are Facebook and Twitter only. The business model of Torch requires showing Ads to generate money, which may become annoying for users. 

There are errors with Media Grabber and at times it is unable to grab media from pages. The download can become unresponsive which can be resolved by a hard restart. The Accelerator is not as good as dedicated software. Overall, the software is balanced with both pros and cons.  It has a great experience and options for users and provides flexibility in downloading and sharing media on social platforms. 

Where to download Torch Browser?

Torch Browser, freely download here by clicking download button at the end of article.

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Once installed it works much like any other browser. The quick shortcuts for social media are provided as dedicated buttons on top right of the screen. Register your Facebook and Twitter via the share button.