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Download Foxit Reader for PC

Foxit Reader also known as ConnedtedPDF is a popular, free, and downloadable Portable Document File (PDF) utility that allows a user to read, create, review, sign, annotate, and share pdf files.  It can perform basics edits and encrypt their documents as well. You can download free Foxit reader here. It is useful for basic to novice users but for advanced features the premium version is suitable. It is popularity and lightweight nature has made it popular to both to Desktop and mobile users.

Technical Specifications

Title:   Foxit Reader  for Windows

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac, iOS Android.

Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Chinese, Norwegian. 

License: Free

Author: Foxit Corporation 

What are Foxit Reader’s Features?

Foxit Reader is a feature rich, downloadable pdf utility. With this product, digital signing of pdf files and other documents becomes easy. Sharing pdf files over the cloud is also easy and it keeps tracks of notes and comments by all users. Notification of every update is shared with interested users linked to a cloud-based pdf file. The security package is enhanced and allows tracking as well as protection by using encryption. It also keeps the device safe from viruses and other malicious programs. 

Foxit Reader can help a user in filling, editing, and printing forms based on pdf format. Its range of functionalities is better than other pdf utilities available in the market. It can create pdf files and it can also be integrated with MS Office to print and convert word files to pdf format. Encrypted files can be decrypted to show content and can then be edited as well. 

Foxit Reader has an advanced reading tool that enhances the experience. Annotation tool, scribbling tools, notes, comments, search, and highlighting tools are provided in the menu. A user can go through the tabbed menu or search through the search bar provided in the menu bar. A user can print several PDFs files using this utility. IT is integrated with XFA and form filing functionalities. Sharing via email and other mechanisms is quickly possible. When sharing over the cloud, documents can be digitally signed. The signatures can also be verified digitally. 

The enterprise level features are provided to individuals as a free utility. The single user license allows a user to register their copy of the product. 

What are Foxit Reader’s limitations?

While Foxit Reader is feature-rich and provides high level functionality in its free version, it is still limited for bulk edits which are useful for organizations. The premium version allows organizations to perform all bulk edits with single click functionality. 

The interface of Foxit Reader is not easy and is complicated for a beginner who has just started to use pdf files. The interface looks much like MS Office, but it has complicated functionality and no quick menus or bars for edits etc.

Where to download Foxit Reader?

Foxit Reader is free available to download here at the end of article by clicking download button.

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Double click to install.  

After the first installation you can register your copy of the product using your email.