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Download BitTorrent for PC

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing and transfer protocol that is encapsulated in this software. This software searches the internet for files and downloads them. Users can also share files for discovery by other BitTorrent users. User can download  latest  version of BitTorrent  here. BitTorrent creates a P2P network of users who can freely share files over the Internet. It was last updated in October 2020 and has had no updates or patches since start of this year. This is available for Windows platform and can be used on smart phones running Android or Mac.
BitTorrent is the company that owns BitTorrent. They had previously acquired uTorrent, and now their product looks like uTorrent interface, making it simple and with a low learning curve.

Technical Specifications

Title: BitTorrent  for Windows
OS: Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP, Android, Mac
Language: English.
License: Free
Author: BitTorrent

What are BitTorrent’s Features?

P2P Network: BitTorrent can be used to establish a P2P network of computers. These can be computers belonging to friends, family, and coworkers. Files can be shared among peers and people who are not in the friend’s circle. 
File Sharing: Users who share their files, create a torrent for their file which is shared and broadcasted over BitTorrent network. Any user can type a torrent or search for one. Using the torrent, the file can be downloaded. 
Multiple Downloading: BitTorrent supports faster download by downloading the file from different seeders. This divides a large file into chunks and small chunks can be downloaded from copies of the same file over the network. 
New Features: The developers of BitTorrent have improved their product and released it with full features. Users can now easily select files to download, throttle their download speed, and provides a modern interface much like uTorrent. 
Searching and Tracking: Searching is carried out using the search bar. There is also an RSS tracker for RSS feeds. 
Search Home Page: Unlike uTorrent’s home page, which is set to MiniNova, BitTorrent takes a user to their own BitTorrent.com homepage. It is a pay for most content website. 
Menu Bar: There is a menu bar item in BitTorrent. It is called as Get Stuff and it links to many different types of multimedia files. A user can download different types of movies, TV serials, music, and game files. 
Installation Size: Among other improvements, BitTorrent has reduced their client file size. It has reduced 6MB of version 5 to just 1MB in version 6. This means that the client doesn’t need a bigger storage and can be downloaded into mobile devices. 
Delivery Network Acceleration (DNA): BitTorrent comes loaded with DNA, which is a protocol used by them. This protocol helps in establishing a P2P network and share files over that network. 

What are BitTorrent’s limitations?

BitTorrent cane be used to download illegal stuff, which makes it difficult for content owners. 

Where to download BitTorrent?

Latest version of BitTorrent is free available  here to download at the end of article.

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Double click to install.