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Download Advanced System Care for PC 

Advanced System Care is a one stop, complete, and clean, utility for Windows platform that performs performance tweaks as well as protects a user’s desktop or laptop. It is user-friendly and is an all-in-one solution. User can download Advanced System Care here. It can clean, optimize, speedup, and protect a windows-based machine. It further protects the privacy of a user as well. The GUI is simple and clean and provides all necessary information on the main screen. It has a lower learning curve and is suitable for beginners as well as novice users. The latest update was released by IO bit in October 2021, with more than 8 updates since start of 2021. 
Advanced System Care can accelerate and optimize a user’s machine as well as run diagnostics. This software can also fix issues in Windows platform. 

Technical Specifications

Title: Advanced System Care for Windows
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows XP.
Language: English.
License: Free
Author: IO Bit

What are Advanced System Care’s Features?

User-Friendly Interface: The GUI of Advanced System Care is simple, and user-friendly. It hardly requires training and can be easily used by both beginners and novice user. It is a popular tool due its simplicity and one-click solutions. 
1-Click Scan & Fix: Advanced System Care’s most important feature is the 1-Click Scan and Fix. The software automatically scans the windows-based machine, detects anomalies, and automatically fixes them.
Smart AI: The smart AI mode can make a customized and personalized solution for a user’s needs. The smart mode carries out hot fixes for most of the problems and is much faster.
Manual Mode: The manual mode runs a deep scan and takes a large amount of time. It can carry out a user’s needs including cleaning up junk files, leftovers, invalid shortcuts, sweep privacy traces, removes spyware, accelerate internet speed, update old and outdated programs, drivers. Furthermore, it can fix disk errors, detect, and fix system weaknesses including security lapses. It can also enable virus and firewall protections. 
New Features: The new features include performance of a user’s desktop or laptop. It can increase the speed and secure the PC. It can stop unnecessary startup items which can make a PC boot up faster. Also, it can clean junk files, temporary files, fix registry errors, and make the PC more responsive. 
Enabling Anonymity: Advanced System Care can enable anonymity by disguising your online identity and activities to make online connectivity much safer. 
Performance Monitor: It provides a better performance monitor than the default one. It provides accurate information about a PC’s RAM/CPU/Disk usage etc. It can monito the CPU/GPU/Mainboard temperature and alert a user prior to potential meltdown. 
Protection Against Malware: It can protect your PC against malware including viruses, spyware, phishing scams, cryptocurrency mining attacks, and suspicious emails.

What are Advanced System Care’s limitations?

The paid and premium version can enable more features. 

Where to download Advanced System Care?

User can download latest version of Advanced   System Care here at the end of article.

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Double click to install.