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Download CorelDraw Graphics Suite for PC

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is a Windows based software suite that allows a user to create and edit drawings on their desktops. PCs, and laptops. It allows a user to design graphics, layouts, and edit photos. It can be used to develop multimedia content for websites as well. Download Coreldraw suite free here. CorelDraw  provides vector graphics which creates cleaner, clearer, and sharper images. Furthermore, CorelDraw provides typography tools which allow a user to create design projects, while using any device. 
CorelDraw is compatible with pens and many illustrations are easy to create with pen plotters. The product was updated by Corel in 2020. Corel have provided a couple of updates since the start of this year. 

Technical Specifications

Title: CorelDraw Graphics Suite for Windows
OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac.
Language: English.
License: Free to Try
Additional Requirements: .NET framework 4.6
Author: Corel

What are CorelDraw’s Features?

Drawing and Illustrations: CorelDraw is a graphics suite that allows a user to create illustrations and drawings. It can be used to create shapes, objects, as well as art.  
Photo Editor: CorelDraw can e used to edit photos available on the device. Photos can be improved, and objects selected and removed within the photo. This is an advanced tool that is used to restore old photos as well as adjust photos. Old photos can be scanned, and their digital image can be used to share among friends. The digital images can be fixed for better display and print. 
Website Design: CorelDraw allows a user to develop multimedia content. This content can be uploaded on websites. Furthermore, a user can also create websites using this tool.
Using AI: CorelDraw integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fix and create images and illustrations. This allows a user to create better images and perform hot fixes. 
Printing: CorelDraw provides printing facility for their models. These prints can be attached with an available colour printer. Depending on the printer CorelDraw would adjust the colour levels for better print quality. It also considers the type of paper involved.  
GUI: The interface looks a paint application with all the tools easily accessible. The interface is simple and allows drag-and-drop facility.
Better Performance: The new features of CorelDraw include better performance in rendering process. 
Typography: The new version has an advanced typography set for users. This allows ease of use for a user working with CorelDraw. The new version has more fonts for text writing as well as advanced effects for text look and feel. 

What are CorelDraw’s limitations?

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is free to try, and a user can unlock more features once they have paid for the premium version. CorelDraw provides regular premium offers and discounts for potential customers.

Where to download CorelDraw Graphics Suite?

You can download latest version of CorelDraw free here at then end of article.

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Double click to install. The progress bar shows the installation progress.