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Format Factory is a free, downloadable, utility for Windows platform that allows a user to change the formats of multimedia files. Many desktops support a limited kind of file to play. These include mp3, mpeg, wmv, avi, etc. These are all popular file types and can be played in default settings. However, to play other file formats a user may need to download and install a specific software. This can be avoided by installing Format Factory that converts file types of multimedia files. User can download Format Factory here. The media files include videos, audios, as well as image files. Free Time has launched Format Factory and currently version 5.4 is released, showing their interest in improving the software. The last update was in August 2020, and there has been 3 updates since start of 2021. These include patches as well. 
Format Factory can convert media files, clip files, join files, split files as well as mix, crop and remove the logos. It has a built-in video player, screen recorder and video downloader. 

Technical Specifications

Title: Format Factory for Windows
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows, Windows 7, Windows Server 2016
Language: English.
License: Free
Author: Free Time

What are Format Factory’s Features?

Editing Tool for Video Files: Format Factory provides editing feature for video files. Files can be converted to different formats. Furthermore, clips can be marked and exported into different file formats within a video file. Many clips can be joined together to create a longer video. 
Splitting Media Files: Media files can be split, and video and audio streams could be separated using Format Factory. This allows conversion of a video file into an audio only file. 
Editing Audio Files: Format Factory allows a user to edit audio files including splitting, clipping, and joining. Furthermore, a sound mixer is also provided that simulates a real mixer for sound editing. A user can create world class mix of sound files using this simple tool. 
Logo Removal: Logos from different media files specially images can be removed using Format Factory. This allows image file editing. 
Screen Recording: A user can record a screen, much like a screen cast using Format Factory. This is suitable for users who are recordings screen video for presentations and demonstration-based content creation. Web cam can also be integrated in screen casts, for better visual. 
Built-in Preview and Player: There is a built-in image viewer and media player in Format Factory. This allows a user to preview their content as well as their edits, without wasting time. 
Video Downloader: Format Factory also provides a video downloader as an additional feature.
Simple GUI: Format Factory has a simple and user friendly interface. 

What are Format Factory’s limitations?

Format Factory does not support audio or video streaming for download, capture, or editing purpose.

Where to download Format Factory?

You can download free latest version of Format Factory at the end of article. 

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Double click to install.