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Download MKV Player for PC

MKV Player is a free, and downloadable software that can play media files on your PC and Desktop. It can launch audio files as well as video files. It is primarily made for MKV files and hence the name. It can play a variety of file formats including AVI, MP3, MP4, etc. MKV is not compatible with Android, Linux, or Mac devices. MKV files are special media files that act as a digital container format. User can download free MKV player here.  Any media player requires MKV codec to play MKV files but installing MKV player provides a dedicated solution. 

Technical Specifications

Title: MKV Player  for Windows
OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 10
Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French.
License: Free
Author: VSeven Software

What are MKV Player’s Features?

A User-Friendly Experience: MKV player is a user-friendly application that provides easy to use tools and boasts enjoyable features. It has a simple design that allows a new user or a beginner to learn the software controls quickly. Because of its simplicity there is generally no learning curve and young and old both can learn how to use this application. All the command are present in the form of buttons on the home screen, which also shows the video. A drop-down menu is provided that can expand in the lower portion of the GUI. A similar popup menu is also provided. These menus allow a user to either ‘Show Playlist’ or show ‘Subtitles’. Other buttons are straight forward, and each functionality has its own button.  
Playlist Creation: A user can easily create, edit, and manage playlists. Playlists are a collection of media files that a user wants to play. Playlists are shown neatly and can be hidden if required. Popup commands can Add, Remove, Save, and Show a playlist. 
Searching: A utility for searching media files is provided within the app. The search is carried out within the HDD or SSD as well as any external drive. 
Subtitles: This software supports subtitles, and it can let a user control the text on the screen. The keyboard, ratio, frame setup, etc. can be managed by the user. 
Playing Controls: The playback buttons let a user play, open, and stop the media. Volume and timeline can be adjusted by drag and drop the arrow on the slider bar. The time stamp can be viewed, and a handy snapshot feature is also provided. 
Entertainment Experience and User Control: MKV Player provides a cohesive entertainment experience packaged in a compact tool. The keys are displayed on the screen. MKV is lightweight and does not have a large file space and does not use a lot of resources including, battery, storage, and processing. 
Updates: Updates for new version of Windows are provided regularly and the software updates automatically. 

What are MKV Player’s limitations?

The freeware version is a basic utility and does not allow viewing or listening streaming services. Streaming services are available using the paid version only. The service has advertisements in the free version as well. 

Where to download MKV Player?

MKV Player is freely downloadable here at the end of article.

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Double click to install.