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MS Core XML services is a downloadable and free services bundle provided by Microsoft for Windows based systems. It is a bundle of services which allow developers to develop and build Windows-native-XML-based applications. Its supports using XML 1.0, DOM, XSLT 1.0, SAX, XML schema, XSD, XDR, and other XML based standards. A developer can use this bundle to develop web services following web standards. This makes their tasks easier and efficient in development as well as trouble shooting. 

Technical Specifications

Title: Microsoft Core XML Services
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Language: English
License: Free
Size: 933.84 KB
Author: Microsoft

What are MS Core XML’s features?

DOM Support: MS Core XML features provide support for Document Object Model (DOM). DOM is a standard library that provides an API for accessing XML documents. DOM is used to connect to XML which is then used to parse it and data can be extracted.
Helper APIs: MS Core XML services include helping APIs for accessing and working with XML name space as well as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTP is used to send and receive data directly between web services. 
XSD Support: MS Core XML services support XML Scheme Definition (XSD). It can help create XML pages based on XSD. It can also translate XML pages by using XSD. The earlier models included XML Data Reduced (XDR) support as the definition language. This is before the time when XSD became a W3C standard. The XDR support has now been removed from MS Core Services as it has become redundant. 
SAX Support: MS Core XML Service support Simple API for XML (SAX). SAX is a better alternative to DOM based XML access. 
SOM Support: Schema Object Model (SOM) is an additional set of APIs that is used in accessing XML scheme documents. SOM is used through programming models and allows coding support. SOM support has been available since MSXML 4.0
Digital Signatures: MS Core XML Services support digital signatures. These signatures are used to verify and authorize a user. A user can digitally sign a document for authentication purpose. The digital signatures in MSXML are available in MS XML 5 and for MS Office applications. It also uses digital encryption to secure the document as well as the signature. 
64-bit Support: MS Core XML services support both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. They are designed for laptops and desktops running Windows operating systems. 

What are MS Core XML’s limitations?

MS Core XML is limited to use with Windows based environments only. Furthermore, their application range is limited to MS Office when using digital signatures. While the 32-bit support is provided, it can not unlock its full potential when developing XML content. 

Where to download MS Core XML Services?

Download free latest version of  MS Core XML Services here at the end of article. 

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Double click to install. The progress bar shows the installation progress.