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Panda Free Security is a free, downloadable anti-virus software for Windows platform that keeps a Desktop or laptop free from viruses and malwares. It was last updated in June 2020 with a new update in this year, thus making it fairly up-to-date. User can download free Panda antivirus here. This anti-virus protects desktops and laptops from virus, threats, and various malwares. It can be installed on smart phones running android and mac devices, in addition to windows platforms. It is fast, free, and offers USB drive cleaning utility that cleans a USB from malicious software. 

Technical Specifications

Title: Panda for Windows
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP, Android, Mac OS
Language: English.
License: Free
Author: Panda Security

What are Panda Security’s Features?

High Security Scores: The panda free anti-virus has an impressive score of 99.9% in real world protection from malicious software. This is in comparison to other anti-virus software available in the market, with the scores almost tied with Bitdefender. 
Fast Scanning: The full system scan takes around six minutes, which is the fastest for a free scanner. Other scanners take a lot of time in full system scans and require a paid license for faster scanning. 
USB Rescue Memory Stick: Ordinary USB memory can be converted to a rescue memory stick, much like a rescue disk. This when installed on a host machine, scans, and removes viruses from the systems HDD and SDD. This requires the auto-run feature for a scan. It is easy to install a Panda Cloud Cleaner on a USB memory disk or a flash drive, which allows a PC to boot with the cloud cleaner running. 
Modern Interface: Panda Free anti-virus has a modern interface dressed like Windows 8. Each tiled module has a similar behavior to Windows 8 tile screen. There are rearrangeable boxed and many colors to choose from. More tools can be added by purchasing a premium version. It has a low learning curve due to its similarity with Windows 8, for new users that have already used Windows 8. 
New and Improved: Panda Free AV has improved their security scores over the years. It offers a vide range of functionalities in the paid versions. These include backup scheduling, etc. The paid version also removes browser offers from the installation process. It is a solid and a fast release that increases the security of a PC or Laptop running windows operating system.  

What are Panda Security’s limitations?

The main issue is the limited features and control in the free version. The paid version is premium and provides better functionality. During installation it shows annoying browser tampering behavior. It can change the default settings of your browser by changing the home page to MyStart and default search to Yahoo. A user can avoid this behavior by opting out during the installation process configuration .

Where to download Panda Security?

The latest version of Panda antivirus   is free available to download here at the end of article.

Install and Run:

Download the file and navigate to the folder. Double click to install.