Aberrant DSP – SketchCassette II 2022 Free Download


Download Aberrant DSP – Sketch Cassette II for Windows

Sketch Cassette II is a free software for windows operating systems that is an audio processor. It can process audio and music and add pleasing texture and movement to the sound in a user friendly and fun way. It is an emulator that is both powerful and professional for Lo-Fi beat makers and producers who need to add colors and crate movement in their mixes. It has custom presents with 61 factory preset settings giving a horizon full of features. It is based on a 4-track cassette recorder and provides an extensive array of lo-fi effects to mixes. It supports all the popular DAWs including AU, VST3, and AAX. It has simple, intuitive, and well-organized interface modelled as the old generation 4-track cassette players and mixers. All the controls are labelled in self-explaining manner with tool tips. It has flexibility and gives better control over the lo-fi sounds and mixes. This product can be used as a compressor that allows a user to mix both the tape degraded and the compressed audio separately in the user’s mix. This tool allows a user to choose between 12 cassette tape styles ranging from cheap to Hi-Fi. Using wow and flutter one can add pitch modulation to the beats. Uses can include four different waveforms, two each for wow and for flutter. These determine the character of the vibrator effect and gives a horizon of combinations and effects. This is a professional, cool, and fun tool for your mixes.

Technical Specifications

Title: Aberrant DSP – Sketch Cassette II 
Language: English
License: Free, Freeware
Developers: Aberrant DSP
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Architecture: 32-bit and 64-bit
Size:  110 MB
Processor Required: Intel Core 2 Duo minimum
Hard Disk: 500 MB

What is Sketch Cassette II’s features?

Audio Processor and Mixer:

This product is an audio processor and mixer application and provides a lo-fi emulator and plugin for producers and sound enthusiast. It has a 4-track cassette playing and mixing capability as well as 61 factory presets. 


The GUI of this product is modern, intuitive, and simple. All functionality is implemented using icons and switches with self-explaining labels. A user can easily add pitch and effects to their mixes. These also include waveforms for wow and flutter. Up to 4 waveforms can be included. The GUI looks like a traditional cassette player with orthodox switches.

What is Sketch Cassette II’s limitation? 

There is no 24/7 technical help available for a user. Furthermore, it takes a good amount of RAM and diskspace. However, the installer is of small size having compressed files. 

Where to download Sketch Cassette II’s?

User can download latest version of  Aberrant DSP – SketchCassette II 2022 software for Windows platform here at the end of article.

Install and Run:

Extract the file and use the supplied password. This is a portable product and comes fully installed. All one must do is double click the icon and start using the product.