Samsung SSD Magician Tool 2022 Free Download


Download Samsung SSD Magician Tool 2022 Free for Windows

Samsung Solid State Drive (SSD) Magician Tool is the latest free tool by Samsung Inc. That offers an optimization and benchmarking tool that helps in maintenance and keeping track of well-being of Samsung SSDs installed on your laptop or desktop. This is a powerful utility designed for Samsung SSDs and working on Windows platform. It can maintain and monitor performance of Samsung SSD drives, maintain logs and detect errors as well. It supports a large number of Samsung products including 470, 830, 840, 840 PRO, 840 EVO, 850 Pro, and 960 EVO SSDs. It provides advanced features including SSD performance management, benchmarking for optimized usage, as well as firmware updates. It also provides vital SSD health information that can tell a user to replace it prior to permanent damage. It can also optimize the SSD for the Windows operating system using it. It also has more tools that support detailed report of the disk as well capacity information. It has a SecureErase function that can fully erase data on the drive in under a minute. It can further increase the performance by using a 1 GB of DRAM as a cache. The GUI is modern, intuitive, and user-friendly and is essentially a one-click software.

Technical Specifications

Title: Samsung SSD Magician Tool 2022 
Language: English
License: Free, Freeware
Developers: Samsung Inc
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Architecture: 32-bit and 64-bit
Size:  140 MB
Processor: Core 2 or higher 
RAM required: 512 MB
Disk Space Required: 150 MB

What are Samsung SSD Magician Tool 2022’s features?

Main Features: 

The main features include performance monitoring, management, and optimization of Samsung SSDs. It can also configure and optimize the SSD for the Windows operating system and the version installed on the system. This ensures the best performance all the time. It can also update the firmware for Samsung SSD and provide benchmarks for performance. Creative tools for detailed report of SSD are also provided.


Predefined profiles are provided with this software for optimal usage. These include maximum capacity, reliability, or performance. A user can select any of the three and the SSD would be configured to match the profile. 

Secure Erasure: 

It can be linked to the online profile which allows a user to securely erase the data on the drive remotely. The process can take up to a minute as long as the data connection is available. 

What is Samsung SSD Magician Tool 2022’s limitation? 

This software is a featureful software for monitoring and managing performance of Samsung SSD. However, it is not a common tool for all SSDs and HDDs. This software is not a recovery software for Samsung SSD installed on laptops or desktops. 

Where to download Samsung SSD Magician Tool 2022?

User can download free latest version of Samsung SSD Magician Tool  software for Windows platform here at the end of article. 

Install and Run:

Extract the file and use the supplied password. This is a portable product and comes fully installed. All one must do is double click the icon and start using the product.