GraphPad Prism 2022 Free Download


Download GraphPad Prism 2022 Free for Windows

GraphPad Prism 2022 is a free to download, install, use, and share software for Windows platform. It is a powerful and reliable application that is used for creating scientific graphs. It is an ideal tool for comprehensive curve fitting including nonlinear regression, statistics, data organization, and data science. It is useful for practitioners and professionals belonging to a variety of domains including biology, medical schools, drug companies, pharmacology, physiology, psychology, etc. It has multiple analysis choices, elegant graphs and saves time by providing a simple and well-organized interface to the user. It is reliable and allows a user to enter data correctly and review it easily. It is provided as a complete suite that has all the tools and features. 

Technical Specifications

Title: GraphPad Prism 
Language: English
License: Free, Freeware
Developers: GraphPad Prism
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Architecture: 64-bit
Size:  151 MB
Processor: Core 2 or higher 
RAM required: 1 GB
Disk Space Required: 200 MB

What are GraphPad Prism 2022’s features?

Main features: 

It provides eight different types of data tables. These tables are designed for different kinds of analysis. It has many tools that help perform complex calculations accurately. It provides real-time graphing, curve fitting, data organization, data visualization, and data science as its features. It includes many different statistical techniques and procedures for data processing.


It is a reliable software that produces no errors in the graphs. It can resolve and solve complex and difficult statistical problems. It can perform statistical analysis at the end of each operation using checklists to reduce errors and possible shortcomings. 

Designed for Professionals: 

It is primarily designed for professionals belonging to medical and biological domains. It has been made to consider the skill level of non-IT users. This makes it popular for people belonging to domains of biology, medicine, virology, immunology, psychology, pharmacology, and drug administration etc.


The GUI is simple and well-organized. Data entry, review, and graph plotting is simple and easy. Many different graphs can be made by just simple clicks. The graphs are modern and elegant that present data in a better way for audience. The GUI includes all the analysis and features required for data viewing and organization. It also allows a user to view or modify products while the data is edited.  

What is GraphPad Prism 2022’s limitation? 

While this product is a powerful and featureful tool for statistical modelling and data visualization it is still limited in the number of probabilistic and statistical models. Furthermore, it requires good knowledge of probability and statistics to use and make correct conclusions for scientific research.

Where to download GraphPad Prism 2022?

User can download latest GraphPad Prism 2022 software free for Windows platform here at the end of article.

Install and Run:

Extract the file and use the supplied password. This is a portable product and comes fully installed. All one must do is double click the icon and start using the product.