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A free flashcard program for learning
Anki. Anki is a free flashcard memory learning program you can use to help support your drawn out memorization. In Japanese, Anki means memorization, and the program uses an algorithm known as SM-2. This algorithm employs spaced repetition to help you memorize information by focusing on which flashcards to show based on your need to see it again, so you remember the information.

Anki can show cards utilizing different formats like text, videos, images, sounds, and scientific markup like LaTeX equations. With Anki, you can learn a language, memorize information like people's names, study for significant exams, hopefully look for a way to improve on general knowledge, master long-types of content like poetry, and a lot more uses. Assuming you want to learn a language, there are already dedicated projects like Duolingo.

What are the features of Anki ?

1- How Anki helps you learn. Anki is a flashcard program that speeds up your learning and raises your efficiency. Unlike theme specific learning programs and software, you can tailor Anki to learn anything you need, from medicine and regulation to work of art and geography. By using the SM-2 algorithm, it's designed to optimize your learning for you behind the scenes.

2- Scientific research into learning has shown that the best time to review a piece of information is not long before we're going to forget it. When learning, we can't self-prioritize the information we need to learn when we most need it. The result is poor learning which takes more time and energy.

3- Anki works by presenting you a card, and afterward after tapping the 'spacebar', it shows the answer. On the off chance that you didn't have the foggiest idea about the answer, you would press the 'again' button. This causes Anki to show you the card again in a minute or less. In the event that you guessed the answer correctly yet struggled to remember it rapidly, click the 'hard' button. Anki will remember how frequently you answered this card correctly previously, and that means you may not see the card again for quite a while or sooner than expected because you continually struggle with it.

4- In the event that it was easy for you to answer the question, click the 'good' button. This means you didn't need to use a lot of brainpower, and you won't see the card again for quite a while as you're able to answer the question easily and need to zero in on other cards.

5- You can create decks of cards and customize them however much you need. You can likewise view your deck's details to screen your progress and make any changes depending on the situation.

6- Instructions to use Anki, After opening Anki on your computer, you'll track down a clean interface and several choices to choose from. Click on 'Add' to create a deck, followed via 'Cards' to add new cards. You can include brief snippets, embed images and videos, text, and scientific markup to your cards. You can likewise customize how the card is displayed with styling choices utilizing HTML and CSS.

7- You can create multiple decks and customize them as you need. Utilizing the 'tags' feature will help you search for cards related to specific subjects, and you can include the same card in more than one deck simultaneously. You can likewise tweak the algorithm to alter how often and when cards will appear.

8- Anki community and extensions, Anki has a large community and lets you import decks created by other people. This is extremely convenient on the off chance that someone has already made a deck of cards for an exam you need to read up for. You can likewise download extensions that further increase Anki's functionality.

9- Installing Anki on your Windows computer, To install Anki, first, download the installation file by tapping on the download button, then snap or double snap the file to send off the setup wizard. You'll need something like 376.6 MB of free space to install it.

10- Once installed, you can send off Anki on your computer. Before sending off interestingly, a popup box will appear requesting that you choose a language for the interface. The interface is available in a wide range of languages like German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and some more.
Ankiis a self-guided learning tool that uses the SM-2 algorithm to help you learn by repeatedly showing you the cards you struggle with most.