Basic Sticky Notes Download Free


Download Free Basic Sticky Notes for Windows

Basic Sticky Notes is a basic however valuable application that does precisely what it says. You can take speedy notes with the application and keep them on your desktop to remind you. The application deals with all processing platforms and doesn't need numerous resources to run. Comparative applications incorporate Evernote and Wunderlist. Make speedy notes when and where you really want them with Simple Sticky Notes.

What are the Features of Basic Sticky Note?

1- The solution gives a quick way to deal with making reminders and accompanies some customization choices for clients who need to communicate their status. Basic Sticky Notes puts notes on your work area of course however accompanies a button to conceal the notes when they are not required.

2-  Write down your thoughts or staple lists. Basic Sticky Notes works very much like ordinary tacky notes so you can expound simply on anything on them. The application additionally permits you to add different things to the notes like pictures and links to sites. Clients can make a limitless measure of tacky notes with the application and you can choose which ones ought to be shown and conceal the ones with less significance for a cleaned up desktop.

3- Basic Sticky Notes is a decent usefulness tool for nearly anybody. The software may look basic from the get go however this effortlessness is important for what makes it such an incredible usefulness tool. Basic Sticky Notes can be utilized by nearly anybody and it doesn't need any high level IT information.

4-  Basic Sticky Notes is a decent answer for taking notes on the fly. The application doesn't need numerous resources and it very well may be utilized to handily monitor everyday exercises. The application has a couple of settings that can be utilized to tweak it depending on the situation, settling on it a magnificent decision for occupied clients.